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# Changelog
## 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT
- Rewrote API in Kotlin
- Rewrote `sop-java` in Kotlin
- Rewrote `sop-java-picocli` in Kotlin
- Rewrote `external-sop` in Kotlin
- Update implementation to [SOP Specification revision 08](https://www.ietf.org/archive/id/draft-dkg-openpgp-stateless-cli-08.html).
- Add `--no-armor` option to `revoke-key` and `change-key-password` subcommands
- `armor`: Deprecate `--label` option
- `armor`: Deprecate `--label` option in `sop-java` and remove in `sop-java-picocli`
- `encrypt`: Add `--session-key-out` option
- Slight API changes:
- `sop.encrypt().plaintext()` now returns a `ReadyWithResult<EncryptionResult>` instead of `Ready`.