Mockup Chat Client
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<declare-styleable name="AvatarImageBehavior">
<attr name="finalYPosition" format="dimension"/>
<attr name="startXPosition" format="dimension"/>
<attr name="startToolbarPosition" format="dimension"/>
<attr name="startHeight" format="dimension"/>
<attr name="finalHeight" format="dimension"/>
<!-- Colors -->
<attr name="colorBackground" format="color" />
<!-- Text Sizes -->
<attr name="textSizeMessageMetadata" format="dimension" />
<attr name="textSizeMessageContent" format="dimension" />
<!-- Styleable Drawables -->
<attr name="themedContactDrawable" format="reference" />
<attr name="themedAddContactDrawable" format="reference" />
<attr name="themedBookmarkDrawable" format="reference" />
<attr name="themedAddBookmarkDrawable" format="reference" />
<attr name="themedSettingsDrawable" format="reference" />
<attr name="themedSearchDrawable" format="reference" />