Merge pull request #422 from Flowdalic/drop-sm-state-on-clean-shutdown

[tcp] Drop Stream Management state on clean shutdown
Florian Schmaus 2 years ago committed by GitHub
commit 1ebe8b0309
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@ -540,13 +540,22 @@ public class XMPPTCPConnection extends AbstractXMPPConnection {
// If we are able to resume the stream, then don't set
// connected/authenticated/usingTLS to false since we like behave like we are still
// connected (e.g. sendStanza should not throw a NotConnectedException).
if (isSmResumptionPossible() && instant) {
disconnectedButResumeable = true;
if (instant) {
disconnectedButResumeable = isSmResumptionPossible();
if (!disconnectedButResumeable) {
// Reset the stream management session id to null, since the stream is no longer resumable. Note that we
// keep the unacknowledgedStanzas queue, because we want to resend them when we are reconnected.
smSessionId = null;
} else {
disconnectedButResumeable = false;
// Reset the stream management session id to null, since if the stream is cleanly closed, i.e. sending a closing
// stream tag, there is no longer a stream to resume.
smSessionId = null;
// Drop the stream management state if this is not an instant shutdown. We send
// a </stream> close tag and now the stream management state is no longer valid.
// This also prevents that we will potentially (re-)send any unavailable presence we
// may have send, because it got put into the unacknowledged queue and was not acknowledged before the
// connection terminated.
// Note that we deliberately do not reset authenticatedConnectionInitiallyEstablishedTimestamp here, so that the
// information is available in the connectionClosedOnError() listeners.