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gradle: Ensure git command is run projectDir rather than CWD.

The assert on line 659 was causing my build to fail. Two issues caused
gitCommit to be empty.

1. The cmd 'git describe --always --tags --dirty=+' was not given
   enough time to complete and had not exited which meant no text in
2. The two git commands on lines 653 and 658 were run from the
   CWD of my Eclipse IDE, not the $projectDir which caused git to return
   an error 128.

To solve the two issues I added a waitForOrKill method call to
proc (like the srCmd had) and I set the execute to run in $projectDir
which I think was the intent/assumption in the original code.

Also add waitFor on git describe command.
John Haubrich 11 months ago
committed by Florian Schmaus
1 changed files with 5 additions and 2 deletions
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@ -650,13 +650,16 @@ def getGitCommit() {
def dotGit = new File("$projectDir/.git")
if (!dotGit.isDirectory()) return 'non-git build'
def projectDir = dotGit.getParentFile()
def cmd = 'git describe --always --tags --dirty=+'
def proc = cmd.execute()
def proc = cmd.execute(null, projectDir)
proc.waitForOrKill(10 * 1000)
def gitCommit = proc.text.trim()
assert !gitCommit.isEmpty()
def srCmd = 'git symbolic-ref --short HEAD'
def srProc = srCmd.execute()
def srProc = srCmd.execute(null, projectDir)
srProc.waitForOrKill(10 * 1000)
if (srProc.exitValue() == 0) {
// Only add the information if the git command was