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Florian Schmaus 4aacdc5154 Add smack-websocket-java11
This also lifts a bunch of logic from smack-websocket-okhttp into
smack-websocket. Furthermore, the following subprojects require now
Java 11:
- smack-integration-test
- smack-omemo-signal-integration-test
- smack-repl
- smack-websocket-java11

Related tracking issue: SMACK-835
2021-02-14 20:34:40 +01:00
Florian Schmaus cd40455b62 [smack-integration-test] Bump reflections to 0.9.12
This also means that smack-integration-test needs to declare a
dependency on Guava, which was previously available as transitive
dependency of 'reflections' 0.9.11.
2021-02-14 18:37:44 +01:00
Florian Schmaus fe3214291d Bump Bouncy Castle to 1.68 2021-02-14 18:35:50 +01:00
Florian Schmaus a7b3303f3e Bump ErrorProne to 2.5.1 and refactor Providers a bit
This also resulted in a refactoring of the Providers and parsing
Exceptions. NumberFormatException and ParseException can now be thrown
directly, the wrapping in a SmackParsingException is down at a higher
layer, i.e. in AbstractProvider.
2021-01-29 09:26:15 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 9fb4a2bf4f [gradle] Bump coveralls-gradle-plugin to 2.10.2
This should make it work with Github Actions.
2021-01-12 13:13:16 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 5782fff2a4 Merge branch '4.4' 2020-09-23 21:42:51 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 048226960b Rename smack-java7 to smack-java8
Fixes SMACK-854.
2020-09-23 17:50:11 +02:00
adiaholic 7ed29b9d5f Introduce websocket module into smack 2020-08-28 23:40:40 +05:30
Florian Schmaus 45e865757a [gradle] Use 'projectDirFile' File instance in getGitCommit()
The previous construct

def projectDir = dotGit.getParentFile()

was a little bit strange (and its declaration shadows the projectDir
String property).
2020-08-15 10:08:43 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 3c54d5ffcd [build] Use ranged version [1.0.0, 1.0.999] for jXMPP and MiniDNS
This also means that we need to lookup the resovled versions of those
artifacts in order to provide the javadoc link.
2020-08-06 15:19:42 +02:00
Florian Schmaus dad2a1ad2e Bump MiniDNS version to 1.0.0 2020-07-18 21:55:56 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 7d6374b04b Bump jXMPP version to 1.0.0 2020-07-18 21:55:47 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 049d687778 [gradle] Add fix for javadoc search 2020-07-03 22:01:06 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 8752605c74 Bump MiniDNS version to 0.4.0-alpha6 2020-06-19 21:15:26 +02:00
Florian Schmaus eae8acb856 [gradle] Add 'sinttestAll' task 2020-05-26 09:54:06 +02:00
Florian Schmaus d65f2c932e Bump Error Prone version to 2.3.4 and fix new bug patterns 2020-05-24 21:10:01 +02:00
Florian Schmaus f3207e8c27 Bump junit version to 5.6.2 2020-05-24 13:14:26 +02:00
Florian Schmaus f750c79392 Bump jxmpp Version to 0.7.0-alpha6 2020-05-24 13:14:14 +02:00
Florian Schmaus c7c5b10c41 Bump MiniDNS version to 0.4.0-alpha5 2020-05-24 13:11:50 +02:00
Florian Schmaus a51663448b [checkstyle] Bump to 8.27
We can not bump to the latest version, due
2020-05-23 23:36:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 4239dac440 [gradle] Fix project description in POM 2020-05-18 09:15:14 +02:00
Florian Schmaus b8d8c9e9dd Replace version.gradle with version 2020-05-15 21:12:51 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 321c91c264 [build] Introduce bouncyCastleVersion variable and use it
Also bumps bouncy castle to 1.65.
2020-05-13 22:20:32 +02:00
Florian Schmaus f61ecb65e7 Make java(c|doc) use --release when available
In order to truely stay Java 8 compatible, declaring a source and
target compatiblity is not sufficient. Source compatiblity means that
the input, i.e. the code written in Java is compatible with that
particular version of the Java Language Specification (JLS). And
target compatibitliy means that the produced Java bytecode is
compatible with that particular version of the Java Virtual Machine
Specificiation (JVMS).

But there is actually a third dimension: the runtime
library (rt.jar). If signatures of methods change over java releases
within the runtime library, then the produced bytecode, may contain
calls to methods that do not exist with that exact same signature in
older java versions.

For example the family of Buffer subclasses changed the return value
of certain functions, for example flip() to not return Buffer, but the
concrete type of the current instance, e.g. CharBuffer.

If we compile now with a newer JDK, where the return type is
CharBuffer and not Buffer, then executing on an older JDK, where the
return type is Buffer, then we get java.lang.NoSuchMethodError(s)
thrown at us.

Fixes SMACK-651.
2020-04-24 10:15:13 +02:00
Florian Schmaus c3c14cfdb9 gradle: remove nonStrictJavadocProjects
This become obsolete with 1a3067c89 ("Enable werror for javadoc and
fix javadoc issues"), which enabled 'werror' for javadoc on all
2020-04-17 10:29:40 +02:00
Florian Schmaus e8fef260e6 sinttest: migrate to JUnit5, drop JUnit4
The before/after class annotations are now no longer borrowed from

Also some integration tests used @After and/or @Before from JUnit,
which was never supported nor had any effected. Those methods got
deleted. But since there appears to be a desire for such a
functionality in sinttest, we should consider adding one.
2020-04-12 22:21:30 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 463dfac48d extensions: finish conversion to JUnit5, drop JUnit4 2020-04-11 22:10:19 +02:00
Florian Schmaus b5f9d4d7a3 Introduce test fixtures
This also removes the powermock dependency. Although powermock is a
fine library, it currently prevents dropping Junit4. And since we only
use the Whitebox API of powermock, this simply replaced powermock's
Whitebox with our own.
2020-04-11 22:05:36 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 4a99f7252c gradle: remove 'java' plugin
Only one plugin of 'java' of 'java-library' is required.
2020-04-11 18:06:03 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 57d7ac4d5d Remove smack-compression-jzlib
The smack-compression-jzlib subproject is obsolete since Java 7 de-
and inflate support was added with SMACK-389. Now it is time to remove

Fixes SMACK-840.
2020-04-09 15:14:09 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 398cba330b gradle: add support for custom repo to publish to
And introduce useSonatype setting to skip the sonatype repos if
2020-04-07 16:56:54 +02:00
Florian Schmaus ea944a8dc6 build.gradle: remove OSGi leftovers
OSGi support was rapped with d06f533bb ("Drop OSGi support").
2020-04-07 10:02:22 +02:00
Florian Schmaus cc636fff21 Introduce Smack's Modular Connection Architecture
This is a complete redesign of what was previously
XmppNioTcpConnection. The new architecture allows to extend an XMPP
client to server (c2s) connection with new transport bindings and
other extensions.
2020-04-04 13:03:31 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 78be8f3a04 junit: bump to 5.6.0 2020-02-23 19:12:54 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 7b5186f651
Merge pull request #353 from vanitasvitae/androidApiExceptionWording
build.gradle: Improve android API exception message
2020-02-20 15:23:13 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 6edbe640cb gradle: bump errorprone plugin to 1.1.1 2020-01-28 17:44:39 +01:00
Paul Schaub 5fd638545d
build.gradle: Improve android API exception message 2019-12-13 16:12:18 +01:00
John Haubrich 7a58862794 gradle: Ensure git command is run projectDir rather than CWD.
The assert on line 659 was causing my build to fail. Two issues caused
gitCommit to be empty.

1. The cmd 'git describe --always --tags --dirty=+' was not given
   enough time to complete and had not exited which meant no text in
2. The two git commands on lines 653 and 658 were run from the
   CWD of my Eclipse IDE, not the $projectDir which caused git to return
   an error 128.

To solve the two issues I added a waitForOrKill method call to
proc (like the srCmd had) and I set the execute to run in $projectDir
which I think was the intent/assumption in the original code.

Also add waitFor on git describe command.
2019-10-12 10:34:05 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 2f667f95a8 gradle: Remove archives configuration
and FileTestUtil in favor of commons-io. This is required because
Eclipse won't put src/test code into the classpath of src/main
code (even though gradle was configured with an according
2019-09-16 00:04:47 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 89cb3f679b gradle: Switch to 'maven-publish' plugin 2019-09-15 23:21:21 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 34f1c2b79e errorprone: Enable MethodCanBeStatic 2019-09-07 23:01:39 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 870d1a7238 build.gradle: Bump gradle-errorprone-plugin to 0.8.1 2019-09-07 23:00:16 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 1a7e2c1510 javadocAll: Set source to sourceCompatibility to work around bug
in JDK 11. See
2019-09-01 23:13:20 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 75625283ef Make "duplicate" files symbolic links
This is needed for javadocAll since otherwhise there will be

	warning: a file has already been seen for
	package org.jivesoftware.smack

2019-09-01 23:13:20 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 1a3067c89b Enable werror for javadoc and fix javadoc issues 2019-08-30 12:08:30 +02:00
Paul Schaub e6ac568f32 Change license of smack-repl to GPLv3 2019-08-05 09:33:16 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 95c73f51b1 Bump Checkstyle to 8.22 2019-07-22 08:40:17 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 9de2b983c8 gradle: Add workaround for gpg signatory not supporting 'required' 2019-07-21 09:16:00 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 5ba85aa8a7 gradle: Use gpg-agent for signing 2019-07-20 22:34:23 +02:00
Florian Schmaus cd0cb95ce1 checkstyle: Use $config_loc for Java 11
Also move configuration files into "${rootProject}/config/checkstyle"
to follow convention over configuration.

2019-07-20 10:26:32 +02:00