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Florian Schmaus 8f149346a6 Add a REPL for Smack (smack-repl) 7 years ago
Florian Schmaus b8f046706b Add Integration Test Framework
and resurrect a few integration tests.
8 years ago
Florian Schmaus bc3bbb5bb4 Set " = 'Smack'" in settings.gradle 8 years ago
Florian Schmaus d5b8647d9d Create smack-im subproject for XMPP-IM
Move Roster and Chat(Manager) code into their own packages within the
new smack-im subproject.

Apply Manager pattern to Roster.

Fixes SMACK-637.
8 years ago
Florian Schmaus bfebf6a4a5 Add ServerPingWithAlarmManager to smack-android 9 years ago
Florian Schmaus f65c0d5528 Renamed smack-jingle to smack-jingle-old
Also renamed package name from



9 years ago
Vyacheslav Blinov 52673bad3c SLF4J Smack Debugging Logger 9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 89dc3a0e85 Add smack-android and redesign SASL authentication
This commit marks an important milestone with the addition of the
smack-android subproject. Smack is now able to run native on Android
without requiring any modifications, which makes the aSmack build
environment obsolete.

It was necessary to redesign the code for SASL authentication to achieve
this. Smack now comes with smack-sasl-provided for SASL implementations
that do not rely on additional APIs like javax for platforms where those
APIs are not available like Android.
9 years ago
Florian Schmaus b117d3a918 Add smack-java7 9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 609c225865 Add smack-resolver-minidns 9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 91fd15ad86 Prefix subprojects with 'smack-'
instead of using the old baseName=smack approach,
we are now going convention over configuration and renaming the
subprojects directories to the proper name.

Having a prefix is actually very helpful, because the resulting
libraries will be named like the subproject. And a core-4.0.0-rc1.jar is
not as explicit about what it actually *is* as a

9 years ago
Florian Schmaus a3e64bab18 Created 'tcp' subproject for TCPConnection
Renamed XMPPConnection to TCPConnection, since the other connection type
is also called BOSHConnection.
9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 1a94812660 Add BOSH subproject (SMACK-187) 9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 602a8fc812 Activate the jingle subproject and move integration tests
The jingle subproject builds now. This doesn't change that the code is
outdated with regard to the specification and unmaintained for
years. But hopefully this is the first step to change that. :)

The integration tests have been moved into SourceSets of 'core' and
9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 6dd64da930 Create new subproject 'legacy', move workgroup API into it 9 years ago
Florian Schmaus 201152ef42 Migrate from Ant to Gradle (SMACK-265) 9 years ago