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description = """\
Smack for Android.
All the required dependencies to run Smack on Android.
Usually you want to add additional dependencies like smack-tcp,
smack-extensions and smack-experimental."""
// Note that the test dependencies (junit, …) are inferred from the
// sourceSet.test of the core subproject
dependencies {
implementation project(':smack-xmlparser-xpp3')
// Depend on minidns-android21 as optional dependency, even if may
// not need it. Can't hurt to have it in the programm path with
// the correct MiniDNS version as it won't hurt even if the
// Android version is smaller then 21. Note that we deliberatly do
// not add this to smack-minidns, as this dependency may also be
// used in non-Android projects.
implementation "org.minidns:minidns-android21:$miniDnsVersion"
// androidProjects lists all projects that are checked to compile against android.jar
// Filter out the optional Smack dependencies from androidProjects
(androidProjects - androidOptionalProjects)
.each { project ->
api project
// Add the Android jar to the Eclipse .classpath.
compileClasspath files(androidBootClasspath)