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Mercury IM - A Freedom Respecting Messenger 2019-09-06 false

Mercury IM began as a small hobby project. The goal was to see how easy it would be to create a fully functioning messaging client for Android.

Guiding Principles

You have the right for freedom. Mercury IM tries to empower you by granting you the 4 freedoms of free software: The right to use, study, share and improve it.

Thats why Mercury IM is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or later to guarantee that it will forever be free software.

On top of this Mercury IM does not try to lock you in in any way. If you don't like the app you should be able to use something else without losing all your contacts.

For that reason Mercury IM is build on top of the openly developed XMPP protocol. That way the inner workings of the app are not kept secret and everybody is able to build a compatible app. In fact, there is a wide range of compatible messenger apps for many platforms out there already!

Design Choices