PGPeasy Lemon Squeezy - Easy OpenPGP CLI
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PGPeasy Lemon Squeezy!

PGPeasy is intended to become your next OpenPGP multi-tool. It provides an easy interface for all sorts of operations, such as generating and discovering keys, encrypting and decrypting messages, managing certificates...

Why another CLI?

Contrary to pgpainless-cli, this application is not limited to the SOP specification, so it is possible to extend it with additional behavior and more powerful features.

A good example for a feature that will get added at some point is support for password protected keys.


The application aims to be pretty self-explanatory. If you are not about a certain subcommand, just execute pgpeasy help <subcommand>.

$ pgpeasy help
Usage: pgpeasy [COMMAND]
  encrypt                   Encrypt a message from standard input
  decrypt                   Decrypt a message from standard input
  sign                      Create a detached signature on the data
                              from standard input
  verify                    Verify a detached signature over the
                              data from standard input
  armor                     Add ASCII Armor to standard input
  dearmor                   Remove ASCII Armor from standard input
  extract-cert              Extract a public key certificate from a
                              secret key from standard input
  generate-key              Generate a secret key
  sop                       Stateless OpenPGP Protocol
  wkd                       Interact with the Web Key Directory
  vks                       Interact with Verifying Key Servers
  certificate-store         Store and manage public OpenPGP
  wot                       Interact with the Web of Trust
  help                      Displays help information about the
                              specified command

Build Instructions

Clone the repository and execute gradle build in the project directory. Afterwards you can find archives containing the application in the build/distributions/ directory. Once extracted, you can execute the pgpeasy script in the bin subdirectory.