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  • Remove label() option from Armor operation


  • Update implementation to SOP Specification revision 10.
    • Throw BadData when passing KEYS where CERTS are expected
    • Introduce sopv interface subset with revision 1.0
    • Add sop version --sopv


  • decrypt: Do not throw NoSignature exception (exit code 3) if --verify-with is provided, but VERIFICATIONS is empty.


  • Rewrote sop-java in Kotlin
  • Rewrote sop-java-picocli in Kotlin
  • Rewrote external-sop in Kotlin
  • Update implementation to SOP Specification revision 08.
    • Add --no-armor option to revoke-key and change-key-password subcommands
    • armor: Deprecate --label option in sop-java and remove in sop-java-picocli
    • encrypt: Add --session-key-out option
  • Slight API changes:
    • sop.encrypt().plaintext() now returns a ReadyWithResult<EncryptionResult> instead of Ready.
    • EncryptionResult is a new result type, that provides access to the session key of an encrypted message
    • Change ArmorLabel values into lowercase
    • Change EncryptAs values into lowercase
    • Change SignAs values into lowercase


  • Update implementation to SOP Specification revision 07.
    • Add support for new revoke-key subcommand
    • Add support for new change-key-password subcommand
    • Add support for new --signing-only option of generate-key subcommand
  • Add utility method
  • Fix typos in, and improve i18n of CLI help pages


  • listProfiles(): Add shortcut methods generateKey() and encrypt()
  • Add DSL for testing Verification results
  • Verification
    • Return Optional<SignatureMode> for getSignatureMode()
    • Return Optional<String> for getDescription()
  • Profile
    • Add support for profiles without description
    • Return Optional<String> for getDescription()
    • Add parse(String) method for parsing profile lines
  • sop-java: Add dependency on for @Nullable, @Nonnull annotations
  • UTCUtil: parseUTCDate() is now @Nonnull and throws a ParseException for invalid inputs
  • UTF8Util: decodeUTF8() now throws CharacterCodingException instead of SOPGPException.PasswordNotHumanReadable
  • external-sop: Properly map error codes to new exception types (ported from 5.0.1):


  • external-sop: Properly map error codes to new exception types:


  • Update implementation to SOP Specification revision 06.
    • Add option --profile=XYZ to encrypt subcommand
    • Add option --sop-spec to version subcommand
    • Version: Add different getters for specification-related values


  • Update implementation to SOP Specification revision 05.
    • Add the concept of profiles
    • Add list-profiles subcommand
    • Add option --profile=XYZ to generate-key subcommand
    • Verification objects can now optionally indicate the type of the signature (mode:text or mode:binary)
    • Verification objects can now contain an optional description of the signature
    • inline-sign now throws an error if incompatible options --as=clearsigned and --no-armor are used


  • Restructure test suite to allow simultaneous testing of multiple backends
  • Fix IOException in sop sign due to premature stream closing
  • Allow for downstream implementations of sop-java to reuse the test suite
    • Check out Javadoc of sop-java/src/testFixtures/java/sop/testsuite/SOPInstanceFactory for details


  • Add module external-sop
    • This module implements the sop-java interfaces and allows the use of an external SOP binary
  • decrypt: Rename --not-before, --not-after to --verify-not-before, --verify-not-after
  • decrypt: Throw NoSignature error if no verifiable signature found, but signature verification is requested using --verify-with.
  • inline-sign: Fix parameter label of --as=clearsigned
  • ArmorLabel, EncryptAs, SignAs: make toString() return lowercase


  • Make i18n string for --stacktrace option translatable
  • Make manpages generation reproducible
  • dearmor: Transform IOException into BadData


  • Add support for file descriptors on unix / linux systems


  • inline-sign: Make possible values of --as option lowercase
  • inline-sign: Rename value cleartextsigned of option --as to clearsigned


  • Not found


  • decrypt: Rename option --verify-out to --verifications-out, but keep --verify-out as alias
  • Fix: decrypt: Flush output stream in order to prevent empty file as result of --session-key-out
  • Fix: Properly format session key for --session-key-out
  • Be less finicky about input session key formats
    • Allow upper- and lowercase hexadecimal keys
    • Allow trailing whitespace


  • Fix: verify: Do not include detached signature in list of certificates
  • Fix: inline-verify: Also include the first argument in list of certificates
  • Hide stacktraces by default and add --stacktrace option to print them
  • Properly throw CannotDecrypt exception when message could not be decrypted


  • Use shared resources for i18n
    • Fix strings not being resolved properly when downstream renames sop command


  • Switch to new versioning format to indicate implemented SOP version
  • Implement SOP specification version 04
    • Add --with-key-password to sop generate-key
    • Add --with-key-password to sop sign
    • Add --with-key-password to sop encrypt
    • Add --with-key-password to sop decrypt
    • Rename sop detach-inband-signature-and-message to sop inline-detach
    • sop inline-detach: Add support for inline-signed messages
    • Implement sop inline-sign
    • Implement sop inline-verify
  • Rename Sign to DetachedSign
  • Rename Verify to DetachedVerify
  • SignAs: Remove Mime option
  • sop-java-picocli: Implement i18n and add German translation


  • Bump Mockito version to 4.5.1


  • Add SOP parent command name and description


  • Bump dependencies
    • com.ginsberg:junit5-system-exit from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2
    • org.mockito:mockito-core from 4.2.0 to 4.3.1
    • info.picocli:picocli from 4.6.2 to 4.6.3
  • Add hidden generate-completion subcommand
  • Document exit codes


  • encrypt, decrypt: Interpret arguments of --with-password and --with-session-key as indirect data types (e.g. file references instead of strings)


  • Initial release from new repository
  • Implement SOP specification version 3