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DepthMapNeedle is a java tool to inject or extract depth information in form of depthmaps from photos shot using Google Cameras Blur function. This is a command line tool. Simply extract depth information as a png file by typing 'java -jar DepthMapNeedle.jar -e IMAGE.jpg'. The depthmap will be stored in the same location as the image as 'IMAGE_d.png'. In the same way you can extract the unblurred source image by replacing the '-e' with '-s'. But the best part is, that you can modify the extracted depthmap in the image manipulation program of your choice and then replace the old depthmap in the image. Type 'java -jar DepthMapNeedle.jar -i MODIFIEDDEPTHMAP.png IMAGE.jpg'. This can be handy in case the original depthmap has some imperfections. Simply extract the depthmap, manipulate it and inject the fixed depthmap back into the image. Now all you have to do is rerender the image in the google camera.

Enjoy ;) Vanitas