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  Florian Schmaus 0eeb89409a [gradle] Add fix for javadoc search 2 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus bc503c7475
Merge pull request #401 from adiaholic/xep-0156 2 weeks ago
  Aditya Borikar dcb66eef59 Add support for HTTP lookup method through xep-0156 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus a4e4fbeee1 Smack 4.4.0-alpha6-SNAPSHOT 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus b8a575f4b0 Smack 4.4.0-alpha5 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 8752605c74 Bump MiniDNS version to 0.4.0-alpha6 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 63f133e68b Set 'running' to true prior starting the reader/writer threads 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus c384849532 Set 'running' to false before calling notifyConnectionError() 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 884ee327e1 Remove writerException in XMPPTCPConnection 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus a05b464032 Do not use waitForConditionOrConnectionException() in XMPPTCPConnection 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus ddc39030d7 Rename waitForCondition() to waitForConditionOrConnectionException() 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus f9292a23fb [tcp] Add and improve log of reader/writer thread termination 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 018cba7f4f [tcp] Log XmlStringBuilder NPEs and the causing class 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 5bd247c3e6
Merge pull request #400 from vanitasvitae/java8fullnoomemo 3 weeks ago
  Paul Schaub 8a0371bcea
Remove smack-java8-full dependency on smack-omemo-signal 3 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 6266f04682
Merge pull request #397 from vanitasvitae/oxProviderImprov 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 8cf6f756ce
Merge pull request #398 from vanitasvitae/configureformfix 4 weeks ago
  Paul Schaub 99cb60dac7
Add missing rightangle bracket to FormNode addXml() 4 weeks ago
  Paul Schaub 4a878ff175
Remove constructor dependency on XMPPConnection from OpenPgpProvider 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus d74f19e26a Smack 4.4.0-alpha5-SNAPSHOT 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus b6be7a9694 Smack 4.4.0-alpha4 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 3f9ca68134 Delete TypedCloneable 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 18c2c37ad0 Rename XmlUnitUtils to XmlAssertUtil 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus 9d6665735f [pubsub] Rework NodeExtension.toXML() 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus c689bef7ec Add static QNAME field to Compressed, Failure and Tls(Failure|Proceed) 4 weeks ago
  Florian Schmaus cf1f533fff [tcp] Mark SM sync points as volatile 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus fd1b49ca8f [tcp] Set sync points before they are used, and not in init() 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 843c8dd7fe [tcp] Add missing notifyWaitingThreads() after receiving SM <failed/> 1 month ago
  damencho 8e337d7810 [muc] Make providesMucService() use the KNOWN_MUC_SERVICES cache 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus f1319d1c8b Move getters from Message to MessageView 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 6a617af158 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:igniterealtime/Smack 1 month ago
  adiaholic 1d49de6b60 Add integration test for MultiUserChat 2 months ago
  Florian Schmaus afbe833a97
Merge pull request #395 from adiaholic/docFix 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus ccbc0922ad [core] Fix comment 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus e2a196fa52 [sinttest] Improve status output 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 6c84356278 [sinttest] Recycle low-level test connections 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus dd4cd8cede [sinttest] Disconnect unrecycleable connections 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 2900cc2274 [sinttest] Disconnect connection in LoginIntegrationTest 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 7d129d6f6c [tcp] Cleanup handling of stream errors in XMPPTCPConnection 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus b7465e8200 [tcp] Do not needlessly wait for closing stream tag 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 84b7adb764 [tcp] Remove javadoc throws annotation 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 22baa74298 [tcp] Remove flush() in writer thread 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 81f10b0c5b [core] Synchronize notifyConnectionError() 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 57961a8cc1 Remove SynchronizationPoint 1 month ago
  Aditya Borikar d639e0bc4c Some more docFix es 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus b1a4ccfae8 [core] Do not weakly reference "channel selected" callback 1 month ago
  Aditya Borikar 223d58527b Use correct class name in docs 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus eae8acb856 [gradle] Add 'sinttestAll' task 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus 10c6e5d121 [openpgp] Use default constructor of DummyConnection in unit tests 1 month ago
  Florian Schmaus ccc785062e [extensions] Deprecate old-style PepManager PEP listeners 1 month ago