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  Paul Schaub 1051cd2640
OMEMO: Switch to sending 12 byte IV 1 week ago
  Florian Schmaus eb4c2c5572 s/occured/occurred/ 4 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 5db6191110 Introduce StanzaBuilder 4 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 2f667f95a8 gradle: Remove archives configuration 5 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 65576cf3c2 Rework XML Element hierarchy and XmlStringBuilder 5 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 1a3067c89b Enable werror for javadoc and fix javadoc issues 6 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 4249c1a845 Improve PepManager.publish() 6 months ago
  Paul Schaub a160358d5d
OMEMO: Allow prekey ID 0 6 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 9923268391 Remove LOCK in OmemoManager and use Manager instance instead 6 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 1bce378e6d smack-omemo*: Do not swallow IOException deep within the library 6 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 8da954f7a4 OpenPGP: Bump Pgpainless to 0.0.1-alpha7 7 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 4ca2c7cc69 Enable MissingJavadocPackage and UnnecessaryParentheses checkstyle checks 7 months ago
  Florian Schmaus f7762c5db7 Add "whitespace after comma" checkstyle rule 9 months ago
  Florian Schmaus d2f5efcb20 Use StandardCharsets.(UTF_8|US_ASCII) 9 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 7f0dc72dab Update errorprone(-plugin) and make Unused(Variable|Method) an error 9 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 4133eb175c Replace XPP3 by XmlPullParser interface wrapping StAX and XPP3 9 months ago
  Florian Schmaus d97fb126a1 Add PubSubManager.getInstanceFor() just like all other Managers 10 months ago
  Florian Schmaus c499556d07 Remove dead code from OmemoService 11 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 7d7fbe6828 Do not explicity select the (crypto) Provider in smack-omemo 11 months ago
  Florian Schmaus d6a90942a4 Unify Bouncy Castle versions: Add bouncyCastleVersion variable 11 months ago
  Florian Schmaus be10a6e850 Return Set instead of HashSet in UndecidedOmemoIdentityException 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 8df69bd3ce Use XmlEnvironment in parsing/provider subsystem 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus d06f533bb9 Drop OSGi support 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 083dac8b83 Rework exceptions in the parsing / provider subsystem 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus fee3ed81ca Introduce XmlEnvironment 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub a25890cfcc
Set message type to 'chat' for OMEMO messages 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 9302b08854
Use new BareJidEncoder class in FileBasedOmemoStore 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus b7ea226c56 Bump "Error Prone" to 2.3.2 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 410c652074
Add integration test and fix checkstyle issues 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 378aa4b262 Business logic for handling read-only devices 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub afb432dcee Add store methods for message counters 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 2cf23892f6
Fail on parsing OMEMO bundle with missing prekeys 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub d50bb1df1d
OMEMO: properly handle item-not-found in refreshRepublishDeviceList. 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 4d4f92ba86 Rename PEP to Pep 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus a00aa726fe Introduce CloseableUtil 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 59f85f2f8d
Bump bcprov-jdk15on to 1.60 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e79f364e1d
Only ignore our own stale devices 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 23bb5c5625 Add XMPPErrorException.getStanzaError() 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 6e9fb17f8f Make CorruptedOmemoKeyException not swallow exceptions 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 1f731f6318
Rework support for XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 9161ba9e7d Improve MamManager API 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus e8923b9d16 Enable trailing whitespace checkstyle check 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 5ab2903c32 Change Element.toXml() to toXml(String enclosingNamespace) 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 31244ae982 Make PubSub elements namespace aware 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e200f2ddf8
Add OMEMO to EME 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 2efec89050 Rename XMPPError to StanzaError 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 6a42d5baff Rework FileUtils 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus a9ca1a0989 Enable ModifierOrder checkstyle check 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus b5209f4701 Enable RedundantModifier checkstyle check 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus 9e11b68144 Add comment style checkstyle rule requiring a space 2 years ago