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Florian Schmaus 2762325639 [repl] Bump Scala to 2.13.6 and Ammonite to 2.4.0 2021-06-21 15:04:26 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 6434e77336 [sinttest] Use correct camel case in method name: s/MUC/muc/
See also
2021-06-21 14:52:18 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 2e18442b11
Merge pull request #475 from Fishbowler/xep-0045-coverage-part1
[sinttest] Refactor MUC tests ready to add more
2021-06-21 14:45:51 +02:00
Florian Schmaus b3e1082c09
Merge pull request #479 from Fishbowler/doc_updates
Various doc additions
2021-06-21 14:45:22 +02:00
Dan Caseley e0754df043 [doc] Initial IDE config guide 2021-06-16 17:48:59 +01:00
Dan Caseley 7b3bd6ff96 [doc] Fix config example in MUC doc 2021-06-16 16:34:11 +01:00
Dan Caseley a0b8ad98c9 [doc] Add debugging section to sinttest doc 2021-06-16 16:33:41 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 82d5ee6ac4
Merge pull request #476 from Fishbowler/doc_updates
[doc] Fix some wording in
2021-06-15 16:26:46 +02:00
Dan Caseley cedced5b13 [doc] Fix some wording in 2021-06-15 13:15:30 +01:00
Dan Caseley cd6ff363c6 [sinttest] Refactor MUC tests ready to add more 2021-06-15 13:03:46 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 8692c0187e
Merge pull request #474 from vanitasvitae/pgpainless_0_2_0
Bump PGPainless to 0.2.0
2021-06-05 21:50:26 +02:00
Paul Schaub 340ef42736
Bump PGPainless to 0.2.0 2021-06-05 21:27:47 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 4f2d8e8d4c
Merge pull request #473 from Flowdalic/coveralls
[ci] Re-enable coveralls
2021-05-22 20:21:23 +02:00
Florian Schmaus b52e02740b [ci] Re-enable coveralls 2021-05-22 13:32:03 +02:00
Florian Schmaus e9ca16ed12 [websocket-java11] Add test 2021-05-22 13:32:03 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 8d74873925 Merge branch '4.4' 2021-05-20 14:39:32 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 4eb5869860 [build] Remove markdown-gradle-plugin 2021-05-20 14:38:16 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 39b211cde3 [muc] Use StanzaCollector.nextResultBlockForever() in MultiUserChat.nextMessage() 2021-05-12 10:18:17 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 602aafe119 [fix-a-javadoc] Modernize, tell xargs to run in parallel 2021-05-12 10:14:02 +02:00
Florian Schmaus b0729d83a8 [jingle] Do not call nextResult() in JingleUtil
StanzaCollector.nextResult() will not cancel the related stanza
collector potentially causing a resource leak.
2021-05-12 10:12:59 +02:00
Florian Schmaus aab48570c9 Call XMPPConnection.sendIqRequestAndWaitForResponse(IQ) where possible
Refactored using

find . -type f -name "*.java" |\
	 xargs sed -i -E |\

and some manual refactoring.
2021-05-12 10:12:40 +02:00
Florian Schmaus c9ea1c11b6 [search] Return and expect the high-level forms API types 2021-05-02 22:02:40 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 6ec654ad1e [muc] Fix javadoc of MultiUserChat.getConfigurationForm()
This method no longer returns null.
2021-05-02 22:02:00 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 1fee87b24d [openpgp] Do not catch Exception, catch the expected exception types 2021-05-02 18:45:25 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 5e43ef550f [openpgp] Improve control-flow logic in PainlessOpenPgpProvider
Also remove superfluous toString().
2021-05-02 18:45:25 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 64db6e3ebc [openpgp] Remove INFO log sites
INFO log sites should be used sparingly and carefully. Those are a
good examples for an unnecessary INFO log sites.
2021-05-02 18:45:25 +02:00
Florian Schmaus aa49743ef8 [openpgp] Downgrade log site from INFO to FINE 2021-05-02 18:41:28 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 8cd0a9f5ce [core] Mark IntrospectionProvider as deprecated 2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 6af38482de [iqversion] Use IQ builder pattern 2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 469d4fb0dc [time] Use IqBuilder pattern and improve API 2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus cd33b885ae [xmlparser] Add SmackXmlParser.newXmlParser(InputStream) 2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus a806595a77 [core] Move IqData construction API to the right place
AbstractIqBuilder is the wrong place for those methods, they belong in
2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 6b14fcab75 [geoloc] Mark Builder constructor as deprecated 2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 6011d566cf [geoloc] Do not use Time IQ for timezone operations 2021-05-02 17:16:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 5cd77ec741 [geoloc] Mark Builder class final 2021-05-02 16:32:42 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 70cb9e8a94 [resources] Use realpath instead of readlink in 2021-04-27 17:01:50 +02:00
Florian Schmaus ba5c2e46d8 [smack-core] Fix javadoc of EmbeddedExtensionProvider 2021-04-27 17:01:50 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 65c363b19d
Merge pull request #470 from Fishbowler/fix_muc_javadoc
[sinttest] Tweaks to the muc test javadoc
2021-04-26 15:36:18 +02:00
Dan Caseley fc191e4e19 [sinttest] Add XEP reference for muc destroy test 2021-04-26 13:28:00 +01:00
Dan Caseley b541397119 [sinttest] Fix typo in muc XEP reference for test 2021-04-26 13:26:29 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 6a78e4ad09 [sinttest] Do not catch exceptions when destroying a MUC
If something goes wrong when destroying a MUC, we want to be notified
about it immediately, as further results of the integration test run
are unreliable anyway.
2021-04-26 09:42:20 +02:00
Florian Schmaus a36251ff7d Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/469' into muc 2021-04-26 09:08:44 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 0c397294e1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/468' into muc 2021-04-26 09:00:50 +02:00
Dan Caseley 920b686f29 Add kick presence tests
Inspired by OF-2240. Used to validate the problem, then test the fix.
2021-04-25 14:32:58 +01:00
Dan Caseley 642f5bde61 [sinttest] Fix ordering of parameters in muc assertEquals checks 2021-04-23 16:50:33 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 64c82ca0cf [muc] Add MultiUserChat.destroy() 2021-04-23 17:34:47 +02:00
Florian Schmaus c95c8264da [muc] Improve javadoc of MultiUserChat.destory(String, EntityBareJid) 2021-04-18 21:38:55 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 8a91021a0e [sinttest] Improve MultiUserChatIntegrationTest.tryDestroy(MultiUserChat) 2021-04-18 21:35:34 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 3d4e7938a7 Make ExtensionElement marker interface wrt. QNAME field
ExtensionElement is now a marker interface that requires all
implementation non-abstract classes to carry a static final QNAME
field (of type QName). This is verified by a new unit test.

Also FullyQualifiedElement is renamed to simply XmlElement. XmlElement
is used over ExtensionElement when implementing classes do not
statically know the qualified name of the XML elements they
represent. In general, XmlElement should be used sparingly, and every
XML element should be modeled by its own Java class (implementing
2021-04-18 21:07:19 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 5493a22e44 Merge branch '4.4' 2021-04-18 17:25:14 +02:00