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Florian Schmaus b52e02740b [ci] Re-enable coveralls 2 years ago
Florian Schmaus 4e90db3191 [gitlab-ci] Also check with Java 15 2 years ago
Florian Schmaus 4aacdc5154 Add smack-websocket-java11
This also lifts a bunch of logic from smack-websocket-okhttp into
smack-websocket. Furthermore, the following subprojects require now
Java 11:
- smack-integration-test
- smack-omemo-signal-integration-test
- smack-repl
- smack-websocket-java11

Related tracking issue: SMACK-835
2 years ago
Florian Schmaus 9fb4a2bf4f [gradle] Bump coveralls-gradle-plugin to 2.10.2
This should make it work with Github Actions.
2 years ago
Florian Schmaus 8cc4ba0a42 [README] Switch "build status" badge from Travis to Github Actions
This also renames the CI workflow from "Smack CI" to just "CI".
2 years ago
Dan Caseley 5b73f2c061 Add Github Actions CI workflow, drop Travis CI
Modified-by: Florian Schmaus <>
2 years ago
Paul Schaub 3521346c90
Add Github Pull Request Template 4 years ago