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Florian Schmaus 3d4e7938a7 Make ExtensionElement marker interface wrt. QNAME field
ExtensionElement is now a marker interface that requires all
implementation non-abstract classes to carry a static final QNAME
field (of type QName). This is verified by a new unit test.

Also FullyQualifiedElement is renamed to simply XmlElement. XmlElement
is used over ExtensionElement when implementing classes do not
statically know the qualified name of the XML elements they
represent. In general, XmlElement should be used sparingly, and every
XML element should be modeled by its own Java class (implementing
2 years ago
Florian Schmaus c5a546554b Rework WebSocket code
Related to SMACK-835.
2 years ago
Florian Schmaus 71f5cfe3da Merge branch '4.4' 3 years ago
Florian Schmaus afd18f95c9 Add Smack.getNoticeStream() and 'License' section to README 3 years ago
Florian Schmaus 5782fff2a4 Merge branch '4.4' 3 years ago
Florian Schmaus 048226960b Rename smack-java7 to smack-java8
Fixes SMACK-854.
3 years ago
Florian Schmaus 9002be8e7a s/Websocket/WebSocket/
Java SE as well as OkHttp use 'WebSocket' (not 'Websocket'). Let us do
the same.

3 years ago
adiaholic 7ed29b9d5f Introduce websocket module into smack 3 years ago
Paul Schaub 8a0371bcea
Remove smack-java8-full dependency on smack-omemo-signal 3 years ago
Florian Schmaus b5f9d4d7a3 Introduce test fixtures
This also removes the powermock dependency. Although powermock is a
fine library, it currently prevents dropping Junit4. And since we only
use the Whitebox API of powermock, this simply replaced powermock's
Whitebox with our own.
3 years ago
Florian Schmaus cc636fff21 Introduce Smack's Modular Connection Architecture
This is a complete redesign of what was previously
XmppNioTcpConnection. The new architecture allows to extend an XMPP
client to server (c2s) connection with new transport bindings and
other extensions.
3 years ago