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Florian Schmaus 44ad01a346
Merge pull request #532 from Flowdalic/gradlew
Add gradle wrapper
2022-06-07 08:56:27 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 4f72eca21c Add gradle wrapper
I am not happy with the concept of a build system wrapper, not to say
that I despise it. There is no reason why a single machine couldn't
have multiple versions of a build system-wide installed, and there is
no reason why each developer should download an individual copy of a
build system into the developers home directory. But here we are…
2022-06-07 08:46:18 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 6be3eb194a Merge branch '4.4' 2022-06-07 08:41:46 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 382ec723a8
Merge pull request #531 from Flowdalic/truely-async-sends
[core] Add AbstractXMPPConnection.TRUELY_ASYNC_SENDS
2022-06-06 10:01:28 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 66370c7ef5 [core] Add SmackConfiguration.TRUELY_ASYNC_SENDS
This option is meant a quick and dirty hack until
XMPPConnection.sendStanza() throws a dedicated Exception in case the
connection's outgoing queue is full.
2022-06-06 09:52:57 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 52a3490e07
Merge pull request #530 from Flowdalic/fix-bosh-url
[bosh] Fix BOSHConfiguration.getURI()
2022-05-26 20:21:14 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 8ebe453363 [bosh] Fix BOSHConfiguration.getURI()
Reported-by: Damian Minkov <>
Fixes: aa441d743c ("[bosh] Use ConnectionConfiguration.getHostString() in BOSHConfiguration")
2022-05-26 19:53:06 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 70d0843dd8 Merge branch '4.4' 2022-05-26 18:13:29 +02:00
Florian Schmaus c9af6576c0
Merge pull request #529 from Flowdalic/fix-sd-memleak
[disco] Fix memory leak in ServiceDiscoveryManager
2022-05-26 18:11:54 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 69e81b748e [disco] Only perform entity capabilities work if there are any listeners 2022-05-26 18:03:36 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 5b6dd8e3f7 [disco] Fix memory leak in ServiceDiscoveryManager
The lambda we schedule in 25ms captures a strong reference to the
XMPPConnection. However the lambda is part of the scheduled action,
which we save in the renewEntityCapsScheduledAction field. This causes
a memory leak, since the ServiceDiscoveryManager now holds a strong
reference to its XMPPConnection.

Fix this by obtaining the strong reference to the XMPPConnection, if
one still exists, within the lambda.

Fixes SMACK-926.

Reported-by: Damian Minkov <>
2022-05-26 15:39:41 +02:00
Florian Schmaus c84ac4b2ae Merge branch '4.4' 2022-05-23 12:32:29 +02:00
Florian Schmaus f402a9d12d
Merge pull request #528 from Flowdalic/fix-mux-presence-interceptor
[muc] Fix Presence interceptors
2022-05-23 12:30:58 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 60fee7b318 [muc] Fix Presence interceptors
Presence interceptors where hooked into stanza sending listeners,
which are called *after* the stanza has been put on the wire, i.e., to
late for interceptors that any modifications, they may perform, to
take effect.

Fixes SMACK-925.

We now also dynamically add the MUC's main presence interceptor to the

Reported-by: Damian Minkov <>
2022-05-22 10:51:45 +02:00
Florian Schmaus e51bfb1dbe Merge branch '4.4' 2022-05-18 21:46:19 +02:00
Florian Schmaus aa441d743c [bosh] Use ConnectionConfiguration.getHostString() in BOSHConfiguration 2022-05-18 21:45:32 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 00bcbff5ee [core] Add ConnectionConfiguration.getHostString() 2022-05-18 21:45:00 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 9b6e209b5f
Merge pull request #526 from damencho/fix-bosh-ip-address-4.4
fix: Bosh configuration when bosh URI contains IP address.
2022-05-18 16:50:16 +02:00
Дамян Минков d0db485c24 fix: Bosh configuration when bosh URI contains IP address. 2022-05-18 08:08:47 -05:00
Florian Schmaus 70abd8a182 Merge branch '4.4' 2022-04-30 15:16:24 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 881ebe731d [core] Fix typo in javadoc 2022-04-30 15:15:51 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 1f5326abb2 [core] Inline waitForConditionOrConnectionException
Using any of the two methods is error prone, see 0e0c0a4093 ("[tcp]
Fix handling in connection exceptions when resuming a stream"), as one
can easily forget to check for connection exceptions after it
returned. There are also no longer any call sites of those methods.

Let's inline both variants of this method.
2022-04-30 15:15:42 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 0e0c0a4093 [tcp] Fix handling in connection exceptions when resuming a stream
Smack would previous run into "assert smResumptionFailed != null;" at
line 407, since if a connection exception was encountered,
waitForConditionOrConnectionException() would return, but we afterards
just assumed that either SM resumption was successful or not.
2022-04-30 15:06:15 +02:00
Florian Schmaus ef003bbc5c
Merge pull request #523 from jitsi/remove-legacy-iqprovider
Replace legacy IQProvider with IqProvider
2022-04-03 11:58:48 +02:00
Ingo Bauersachs 4efa707028 Replace legacy IQProvider with IqProvider 2022-04-02 16:02:46 +02:00
Florian Schmaus 78ffcae880 Merge branch '4.4' 2022-03-06 21:46:10 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 95ff591c14 [xdata] Only emit warning about unregistered fields once per field 2022-03-06 21:44:33 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 2ae4c4410a
Merge pull request #521 from vanitasvitae/bumpPGPainless
Bump PGPainless to 1.1.1, Bouncy Castle to 1.70
2022-03-04 07:55:47 +01:00
Paul Schaub b769be516e
Bump PGPainless to 1.1.1, Bouncy Castle to 1.70 2022-03-03 10:31:04 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 01cd0507b6 Smack 4.5.0-alpha2-SNAPSHOT 2022-03-02 22:54:05 +01:00
Florian Schmaus ea601d0f9f Smack 4.5.0-alpha1 2022-03-02 22:41:29 +01:00
Florian Schmaus f07c8919cd Smack 4.4.5

Merge tag '4.4.5'

Smack 4.4.5
2022-03-02 22:40:30 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 162d8ba30b Smack 4.4.6-SNAPSHOT 2022-03-02 22:22:16 +01:00
Florian Schmaus cccf3ce5f3 Smack 4.4.5 2022-03-02 19:30:01 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 229a6edb1b Switch to
Bye Bye changelog.html. You have served us good old friend. But JIRA
does no longer create compatible HTML changelogs. And markdown seems
to be the better alternative anyway.
2022-03-02 18:48:31 +01:00
Florian Schmaus a15110694a Merge branch '4.4' 2022-02-18 21:30:42 +01:00
cmeng-git 4d026d8ae8 [jingle] Add element and text to JingleReason's XML 2022-02-18 21:29:32 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 3885153ea1
Merge pull request #518 from Flowdalic/ssl-context-config
SSLContext config
2022-02-18 21:28:31 +01:00
Florian Schmaus ba2e36dbc3 [core] Deprecate some SSLContext config options and add KeyManager option
Smack historically provided fine-grained options for the
SSLContext. This is however not flexible enough, as an option to
specifiy the KeyManager(s) was missing.

This deprecated the options for keystore path, keystore type, and
PKCS#11 library, in favor of an option to set the KeyManager, which
could be aware of the keystore path and type, and the PKCS#11
library. At some point, Smack may provide some high-level methods to
create a KeyManager from provided keystore path, keytsore type and
PKCS#11 library.
2022-02-17 12:17:54 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 4622d00d9e [tcp] Unravel SSLSocketFactory.createSocket() invocation 2022-02-17 11:58:02 +01:00
Florian Schmaus cd70e7aa5a
Merge pull request #513 from maniac103/tone-down-roster-error-logging
Conditionally reduce severity of roster reload error logging
2022-02-15 17:01:25 +01:00
Danny Baumann aafc24a966 Conditionally reduce severity of roster reload error logging
If the roster feature is not supported by the server, there's no need to
log this at SEVERE log level.
2022-02-15 12:21:27 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 91a1825eb8
Merge pull request #514 from Mtodiy/log_uploading_failure
Add warning log to see what http connection is having trouble
2022-02-10 16:54:24 +01:00
Micha 1b0e19f699 Add custom HttpUploadExceptions for more information in case of IOExceptions 2022-02-10 10:43:05 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 4a83d2957e Merge branch '4.4' 2022-02-06 17:48:08 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 4e715a35e5
Merge pull request #512 from bgrozev/fix-smack-reactor-select
fix: Correctly handle the case when the action due time is 0.
2022-02-06 17:47:50 +01:00
Boris Grozev 67a5c3a41a [core] Correctly handle due time of '0' in SmackReactor
Scheduled actions that are due in 0 milliseconds are due
immediately. Otherwise we would invoke select() with 0.

Fixes SMACK-923.
2022-02-06 17:38:50 +01:00
Florian Schmaus ad9867ebdf Merge branch '4.4' 2022-02-03 08:43:32 +01:00
Florian Schmaus 5cd7a6c60e
Merge pull request #509 from Flowdalic/jingle-reason-extension-element
Jingle reason extension element
2022-02-03 07:58:29 +01:00
Florian Schmaus e25be8fea4
Merge pull request #510 from Flowdalic/future-invoke-at-most-once
[SmackFuture] Invoke the callbacks at most once
2022-02-03 07:58:19 +01:00