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You can install and update from F-Droid or GitHub.

F-Droid is a store for free & open source apps. The *.apk's available for download are signed by the F-Droid team and guaranteed to correspond to the (open source) source code of dandelion. Generally this is the recommended way to install dandelion & keep it updated.

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If you have questions or found an issue please head to the dandelion project and ask there. Search for same/similar and related issues/questions before, it might be already answered or resolved.


dandelion* v1.2 - Add dandelior* - Searchable Tags and Aspects

12. August 2018

dandelior* is a rebranded version of dandelion*

dandelior* is based 100% on the same code and resources as dandelion*. Its from the same code repository, just a different build flavor. The main purpose of dandelior* is the most requested feature till date - to support multiple accounts / another account at dandelion*.

  • Added an (rebranded) flavor of dandelion: dandelior
  • Only differenties in use are other (black) icon and AMOLED colors by default enabled
  • Already available on F-Droid

New features:

  • All new Aspects and Tags, using a searchable dialog


  • Sometimes the Stream went white, which is due an still (3+ years) unfixed Android Support library bug. It should not occur very often anymore due less use of fragments.


  • Various small tweaks
  • Updated translation files

dandelion v0.1.2 - Aspekte, Pod wechseln

05. Juni 2016

In den letzten Tagen hat @gsantner viel Zeit in die inoffizielle diaspora* Android App (dandelion*) investiert.

Dabei wurden unter anderem folgende Änderungen beigesteuert:

  • Allgemeines zur Usability
  • Animationen für den Activity-Wechsel und Startup, WebView-Scroll-Top
  • Podliste caching
  • Aspekt-Liste und Aspekte hinzugefügt
  • Verbessertes Sharing aus der App
  • Material Progressbar
  • Suche verbessert
  • Collapsing top menu
  • toolbar/actions/menu geändert, fab entfernt
  • Refactoring layout & menu files, dialogs
  • Überarbeitete Main,Splash,PodSelectionActivity
  • Pod wechseln